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Forewarning: This post is a rough draft written quickly and clumsily. I’m going to leave it as it was originally posted, but I do realize that I have oversimplified some aspects of these issues. So just as a forewarning, you are about to read an unedited, angry, and simplistic rant about a complicated issue. It does not in any way reflect ALL or even many of my thoughts about this subject, but it is what I posted at the time and I am going to leave it as is.

Hi, I’m Parker Ross. I will introduce myself later, but right now I am going to go ahead and jump right into this blogging business because I am heated up.

Here’s what Michael Moore and others who are calling for Assange’s release need to hear: setting Assange free right now is NOT what needs to happen.

The solution to the US government trying to seize Assange from British custody is for the US government to STOP trying to seize Assange from British custody.

At the end of the day, there are two women who are claiming that Julian Assange raped them. Michael Moore laughing off these charges, as well as every one of you who is loudly doubting them or mocking them or smearing them in some way is doing a horrible, misogynist thing to ALL victims of rape.

Rape needs to be taken seriously. It needs to be investigated. Neither I nor anyone else have to say this.

I do not contest that Wikileaks has been a desperately, painfully necessary thing for the US, and I am absolutely 100% against charging Assange for the orchestration of Wikileaks’ existence. He is not a US citizen, and whatever “crime” the US government is pretending he committed by creating Wikileaks did not occur in the US. Wikileaks is bringing some of the “transparency” that the US desperately needs; it has done amazing things already and I hope it is left up and allowed to do more amazing things. If Assange is tried for a crime because of his work on Wikileaks by the US government, I will stand up and I will shout in protest until I am hoarse. I will write to whoever I need to write. I will bang on the doors of whatever institution has allowed it to be.

But ignoring two women’s allegations of rape is HORRENDOUS. Their allegations NEED to be investigated without people shaming them and belittling them. They need to be taken SERIOUSLY. To inaccurately summarize their charges as “a broken condom”, Michael Moore has betrayed a great number of his supporters and has disgusted many people with good reason. This is just a classic example of ignoring, harming, and shaming women that can only foster and encourage a world in which getting away with rape is easy. Just because Julian Assange has done one awesome thing doesn’t mean he can do no wrong, and it doesn’t mean that these women are liars.

I am truly, deeply disgusted. You do not know these women, and you do not know what transpired between them and Assange. The only thing you are accomplishing by laughing them off is to hurt and endanger ALL rape victims and ALL women.

The solution here is NOT to set Assange free from these allegations. It is to see that due process is followed in investigating and charging him for them. What you are so afraid of–Assange being extradited to the US–has not happened yet. If it does, then the feminists will stand with you in calling bullshit on it because if that happens, it will have been a gross miscarriage of justice to USE and exploit the victimization of women for the purpose of getting him extradited. In the meantime, maybe we should be solely protesting the Obama administration’s voiced intent to extradite him rather than the damn rape charges themselves?

The miscarriage of justice has NOT happened yet. If and when it does, it is my hope that we could all stand together in protest, but that can ONLY happen if you do not alienate us now.

This all frankly makes me too angry to continue. Kate Harding knocks the ball out of the park with everything she writes, so go read what she has to say about all of this.


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